Will i bring Sara?

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In a world with destructive and evil pervasive attitudes and words, a parent sometimes may shudder to think of their children being out of sight for any length of time.  I was telling a friend of mine as we were sharing stories of our experiences in public school about a question Sara asked me.  We were passing by a sporting store named ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods,’ and Sara asked, “Mom, isn’t that a bad word?  Why is the store named like that?”     After explaining the name to her and answering her question, I cried at the innocence of our children.  Sara never heard the word in elementary school, but now some of her old friends apparently have started using foul language.


My friend was trying to transition her middle school child from home school to public school.  When she met the guidance counselor and asked about the potential middle school her child would be transitioning to, the counselor said that at this time it was safe for children to go the restrooms unattended, and the violence against girls was decreasing.  The comments frightened my friend, to say the least.  How disgusting it all is.  Where is a safe haven for our growing upcoming generation?


As I walked in the streets of Thurbe, a red light district in Mumbai, I wondered to myself, “will I bring Sara here?”     The beauty of our children in this generation, is their innocence, but also their sense of justice.  Evil cannot win, and Good will overcome evil.  It just has to happen, there isn’t any question for the children.  As much as we would like to cover and protect our children, I think their sense of justice will cause them to push and advance to a greater level than we parents ever did.  I pray that this generation will do so.  They will be fearless, bold, wise and conquering men and women who stand up and act on behalf of the vulnerable.  Join me in that prayer for us, and for those who come behind us…..


…Because every child matters!


Child Abuse Prevention Month

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April was declared National Child Abuse Prevention Month back in 1983.   It is hard to believe that a month has to be dedicated for such a horrible crime, but doing so does raise awareness and reminds us of action we need to take.


I do remember as a child watching the commercials on TV about child abuse, and even domestic abuse.  Some of those commercials cannot leave my mind.  I remember being so moved at the plight of these children who are victimized by sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  I remember stories of  neighbors who lured little girls with food then placed such  psychological control and fear on a child, that the child knew she had to do whatever she was commanded.  I did not know it at the time, but child pornography was captured in this way.


Why do these children fall in these traps?  What is the answer?  Do we homeschool everyone and shut down public school?   I sometimes wish it.  :)   One common vulnerability for these children is an unstable home.  For girls who do not have a strong male role model who affirms them and the value of their life, she is at risk for falling for another male who will deceitfully do so.  Which can lead to trafficking.   For youth who face such physical and violent situations at home, as they runaway, within 48 hours they will have an encounter with a trafficker.  These are facts not only evident in America, but currently occuring in India, and I’m sure in all parts of the world.

What can I do about this?  I wish I could help every one of them have a safe place to stay, and while I am working on making that dream come true, there is more I can do now.  I know that I can be a listening ear for any child I come in contact with.  I can be a mentor for young people.  I can be a coach for a team.  I can be a Sunday School teacher.  I can be a cheerleader.  I can be a mom.  Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.  We all can do our part and stand up for a child.  Begin today and do it….


…Because every child matters!