Kothamangalum Camp 2015

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Our first medical camp in the town of Kothamangalum took place at the end of February!   It was such an exciting time.  To the see the HOPE on the faces of the parents was a joy for us.Initially we had about 20 people come to the camp, then about 30 more joined. Twelve patients were identified and screened by our Dr. Sathish. My parents also joined us for this camp. Mom has recently retired from her job, so she says, “I want to come to all the camps!”

Mom and some patients

Mom and some patients

Before the patients left the hall, my mom and I had a chance to share with each family Philip’s powerpoint and story.  I will never forget talking to the  mother of two children with facial deformities.  She was very stoic and did not talk very much  while we showed her pictures of Philip.  Her two little children sat beside her and tried to take everything in!   I felt led to tell her that after my Philip was born, I was consumed with guilt.  I thought that I had done something wrong, or maybe not do enough things right and the result was my baby was born with a life of suffering.  I told her that I had to shut out the negative voices that were speaking against me, and surround myself with people who believed in me and spoke words of life to me.  It was like a dam broke, and her tears began to fall down her cheeks.  I consoled her, and tried to repress my own memories.


I just cannot grasp and understand how God uses the experiences of our lives to affect the world.  I would rather not remember the pain of the early years with Philip.  Somehow, during these camps, the memories just flood my mind as I have the opportunity to share with these families, especially the mothers of these children.  I see in their eyes, the pain I had in my own eyes; and I know what I can say to comfort them.  Truly, the Lord uses the weak to bring down the strong; and the foolish to confound the wise.  I may have thought the last fifteen years of my life were of evil, but the Lord turns it around for good.

God bless you all!