Sanctity of Human Life 2015

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One day I hope to be able to attend the March for Life in Washington, DC.  What an amazing event to literally take a stand for the life of the voiceless, vulnerable children.

In celebration of the National Sanctity of Human Life day, I attended a ceremony at the National Memorial for the Unborn on Vance Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There is a beautiful memorial garden and fountain in remembrance of the babies who were miscarried.  Inside the Memorial is a wall with plaques labeled with a message from a parent or grandparent in honor of their aborted baby.  Many of the plaques read “I’m so sorry.”  Names and birthdates of the babies may be engraved as well.  Below the memorial wall is a bench laden with gifts, notes, baby shoes, teddy bears, cards.  To read them will break your heart. Fathers and mothers had written, “I did not know, I’m so sorry;”  and “I will hold you one day.”




I stood there with my cousin Christy, and my son Philip with a beautiful white rose.  We went to the memorial wall and to the memorial garden in honor of all children who did not make it to life, whether the cause was abortion or  miscarriage.

We had the privilege to hear the personal testimony of Mrs Julie Ziglar Norman, daughter of the late Zig Ziglar.  The message was beautiful, the redemption at the cross, and the freedom from all guilt and condemnation.  God mades all things beautiful, in His time.


I pray that you, too, join with the movement and cause to celebrate the value and sanctity of Human Life.  Together, we can make a difference, every day.

Because every child matters!


If the church was like a brothel…

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Unfortunately, a title like that can grab your attention!  And perhaps get you in trouble.  ;)


January is human trafficking awareness month, and I’ve been able to attend a few informative meetings.  At the Unite. Wear White event  in Chattanooga, one speaker said “Here in the buckle of the Bible belt are 1000 churches.  Where is the church in this fight against human trafficking?”   I was disappointed that not one church display was in the exhibition hall of this event.  Not one.


Maybe there were reasons for this, I know space was limited.  But really?


I went to the “Not Today” film viewing, which shines light on the world of sex trafficking in rural India.  Once a vulnerable child is taken by these pimps or other predators for the purpose of sex trafficking, the children are sometimes placed in “breaking rooms.”   They may be placed in cages, and not given food or water.  They may also be raped until their will is “broken.”  At this point the pimp knows they will do as they are commanded.  Psychologically speaking, the pimp has the victim under complete control.


Please don’t misunderstand me.  One point made during this film showing, was what if the church was a ‘breaking room.’   What if the church, the body of Christ, said we will not be moved, we will not leave until we see an answer.  I’m not saying to starve yourselves!  But, don’t rest, don’t get complacent, don’t be satisfied until you see your answer!  Our war is not with flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness.  Wrestle, fight wearing the armor of God, until you win.  We will overcome, we are more than conquerors through Christ.

Let this be fire that is shut inside your bones (jeremiah 20:9)


Because every child matters!


happy new year, 2015!

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Would you be able to guess one of my new year’s resolutions?

You guessed correctly if you said I want to share my blogs consistently!!  :)


Another goal is to meditate on this Word of God.  It would be awesome to finish the Bible in one year, but I need more quality time with this amazing Word, this Word of life, rather than to press on to finish it entirely in one year.


I am studying the book of Matthew, and I was reading the geneology of Jesus in the first chapter.  I was reading in the New King James version, and the name Rahab is Rachab.  For a moment I was confused, thinking wasn’t this the prostitute from Jericho?   And then I did a little more research to confirm that she indeed was here in Jesus’ geneology!   Not only was she listed but three other females, when normally the males are only mentioned in geneologies.

Yet to me this is just further testimony of how the Lord identifies with us sinners in his birth, life, and death and resurrection.  In those days it was common for some Jewish men to pray and thank God they were not Gentiles, not slaves, and not women.  And Jesus came to change the position of women in the New Covenant.  No matter the past of these four women mentioned in Matthew 1, when Jesus came to seek and save, he came for the broken.  He truly transforms the broken into beautiful vessels.


I pray that His peace and grace abides on each of you.  Know his everlasting love for you!  No matter the mistakes of 2014, ask God to help you move forward in 2015 to fulfill his great purpose in your life.  God bless you in 2015!