Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 18-02-2013

It took me a moment for the words in the email to sink in. Reading Santhosh’s update on a family he met during the medical camps, memories began to flood my mind. The two-year-old child born with a cleft, was a disappointment to his father. In response, he wanted to destroy the life of his child. When his mother intervened, the father turned on his wife and child and kicked them out onto the street.

The mother now resides in a little hovel the size of a walk in closet, with a standard dirt floor. Santhosh said the height of the hut came to his chest, and he had to bend down to get into the hut. The roof was made of dried leaves. I’m not sure what the income if any the mother has. I don’t know how her daily needs are met. I do not know if any other children are in the family.

As I read about her story, I could not help but wonder the emotions of this mother. Was it worth it to be kicked out of a shelter to save the life of this child with medical needs? Does she feel rejected? Does the child feel isolated? Aren’t there safety and security issues?

One of the first mothers who visited me after Philip was born, had a son born with a cleft lip and palate. She and her then husband were shocked to see their child, because there had not been any known abnormality during the prenatal work up. Her husband ended up leaving her within months. As she came to comfort me in my sorrow and pain with my beautiful son, she also advised that “at least you have a husband who stands with you and cares about you.”

I am so grateful for my husband. But I also know that is the love of God that transformed him to be the man of God that he is. It is the love of God and knowledge of Him that will work in these families as well.

Would you pray for these mothers? The brokenness that many have to face all alone can set their minds on a path of rejection and emotional insecurity. With Jesus, and with the knowledge of who they are in Christ, the situation can turn around. He has come to bind up the broken, and to set the captives free!! Please pray for these single parents and their precious children. Pray for a God intervention.

It’s Because every Child Matters!