Amsterdam of America

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New Orleans has been called the “Amsterdam of America.” The infamous Bourbon Street is lined with strip clubs, bars, and many more morally depressing attractions. According to Shared Hope International, it is not uncommon that young people be found in these areas held against their will and forced to perform derogatory acts.

Unfortunately, in the times of major sporting events, the influx of trafficking victims rises in the venues were these events occur. New Orleans is no exception.

I don’t want my country to have “an Amsterdam.” I want my country and my world, for that matter, to have a save place for children and youth. A place where children can be children. Where children and young people can be free, and not be exploited for their innocence. May God protect our children.

Will you take the time in these days to intercede on behalf of New Orleans? Pray for the safety of our young people there. Pray for the rescue and restoration of those who are being trafficked and abused even as you read this blog. Wake up, World! Take our children back, and protect them and raise them to be strong advocates for other children.

Because every child matters!


3801 Lancaster

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I was horrified to hear of the physician who ran a women’s clinic in the poor neighborhood of West Philadelphia. In the documentary linked below, excerpts of eyewitnesses account for the poor hygienic and unsanitary conditions of this clinic. The cries of women who change their mind about having an abortion. The graphic pictures of what happens to babies who “accidentally” are born alive. The cruelty of the ones who should guard life, callously throw babies away.

I warn you, readers, this is very graphic. But you must also know the atrocities going on here at home and around the world. This is the war on women. Look at the statistics regarding the Black American population. How could the medical provider treat these young women and their defenseless babies so callously? What kind of people are we, if we do not stand up for the defenseless? We are just as bad as this physician if we do not cry in outrage for our future generation. Read on, and I pray you will never be the same.

Because every child matters!!