December 23, 2012

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Several months ago, Philip questioned the significance of baptism and its importance to the believers of Christ. Since that span of time, he has learned more on baptism. He came to us a few weeks ago with tears in his eyes saying, “I want to be baptized, I want to be filled with the Spirit, and walk in the Spirit. I want to obey the command of God.”

After much discussion with him, and all the grandparents and our Pastor, it was decided that Philip will be baptized on Sunday. I initially had some doubt as to whether he was ready. But as I listened to him talk to Santhosh discussing his own sinful nature, and how he desired to be like Jesus, I knew he was ready.

One of my friends was commenting on baptism, how we are “putting on Christ.” I couldn’t help but pray, Philip will be “putting on Christ.” I pray for the display of perfect healing for Philip, his spine and his breathing issues. I pray that not only in the spiritual sense he is a new creation, but also in the phsycial realm, we will see with our own eyes, a new creation.

Please keep the service in prayer, as many of our precious youth will follow the Lord’s command regarding baptism. May the Lord be glorified!!

God bless!


Creating something out of Nothing

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In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth…  those are familiar scriptures that we have all memorized in the past. 

I was listening to the testimony of one of my new friends.  She was sharing her gratefulness to God for the family and friends and fellowship.  But she became tearful, and I could hear a yearning cry as she was thanking God for her family and friends.  I did not know her well, but felt led to ask her later on if I could pray for her.  I found out that she and her husband had no children.  It explained the cry of the heart, and with her permission I had the privilege to pray for her.

In 2012 particularly, I’ve known several friends who have had miscarriages.  One look at their eyes tells their grief inside.  This was a burden for me, and God started to speak to me.

I thought about this familiar verse from Genesis 1:1-2.  God is a creator God.  He created the world out of the formless void.  He created the Earth we live in out of nothing.  Can he not fashion a baby out of the formless, barren womb?


There is nothing too hard for the Lord.  We have seen this multiple times in multiple ways.  He takes the marred clay and refashions the vessel to a new and beautiful vessel.  What an amazing God we serve!!  He took my marred self, and refashioned me.

In the same way, he takes our nothingness and reforms it to something beautiful.  God has given a promise that children are a gift from the Lord.  His promises are for each and every one of us.  Therefore, take the promise He gives, and speak over your barren womb, or your nothingness.  God will reform it.  He will do it. 


I pray that He turns your mourning into dancing!!  Let me know of your miracle.

God bless!