Laboring :(

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 04-09-2012

You’ll have to excuse the pun on the national holiday, Labor Day. But I just couldn’t help it, as I considered the past two weeks of Philip in Middle School!!

First of all, it seems unbelievable to me that Philip is 12 and has graduated from elementary school, and has moved into middle school. My memories of sixth grade are not that pleasant. I was thrown into rotating classes, six different teachers, different books, a locker to store books, and a time limit to get from the locker to the classroom. Not to mention a gym class where I had to change gym clothes in front of other girls :( Everything was so scary and so new to me.

Now I send my little son to this kind of world. I think both of us went into a shock during the first week of class. Technology has changed so much since I was in sixth grade. Now, I need to check my email and the website in order to follow through on Philip’s homework and to understand what he studies.

I really do enjoy it and I’ve learned a lot. I think Philip is also transitioning his learning patterns according to the technology. I’m really happy for him. He now is asking for an IPad :( “Son, even I don’t have an IPad” :) He is persistent, and I’m proud of him for persevering. Please continue to keep him in prayers. He will succeed, as we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

God bless you and yours as they begin the school year. We pray for protection, divine wisdom and understanding.
Because every child matters!