Men need to be COURAGEOUS

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 30-09-2011

With all the hype about the new movie from Sherwood Baptist, titled Courageous, I thought it would be fitting to relate the words to Philip. On Monday, he was invited to speak to golf players, who sponsored and supported the Craniofacial Foundation of America. This is a marvelous, life-saving organization, especially for new parents of a craniofacial baby. They were instrumental in teaching, loving, and encouraging us as a family when Philip was born, and each surgery that he has had! We are grateful to do anything to help the CFA.

Philip began his speech by sharing a little of his testimony. I find it amazing to hear him say words like, abortion. We had explained to him what the word meant, and why the doctors taking care of me while I was pregnant, mentioned this to us. He shared this with the crowd. After he thanked the surgeon who has done the primary craniofacial surgeries on him, he concluded by encouraging the crowd to do all they can for children.

I pray that Philip will always be bold in saying what he believes and stands for. It was the prayer of Jeremiah, as well. “don’t be afraid of their faces, because I am with you.” It is time for men to be men. To stand up for the rights of their parents, siblings, wives, children and posterity. If this kind of order is not established, or aligned, then I find it hard to believe that we can succeed and move forward. May God help all of us to move ahead according to His will!

God bless you all!