Trafficking Awareness Day

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January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and I had to tell you some of the amazing events in 2010 that occurred in regards to trafficking.

First, when the mission team was in Guatemala,a few of us stretched our hands out over Antigua, a major sex trafficking city, and prayed specifically for rescue, restoration and spiritual awakening over the victims of this crime in Guatemala. I believe in the spirit realm, God has started a work already, and we were able to tag along in it.

Second, when the mission team was in Trinidad, they were amazingly given an opportunity to be in the forefront of prayer over Trinidad. A young woman with a burden for Trinidad’s spiritual awakening, has arranged for various ministries to meet in the heart of the capitol city every January morning from 5am to 6am and cry out and intercede on behalf of Trinidad. New Creation, the ministry from which most of the mission team originated from, was invited to start the prayer out on January 1. The heart of the city is the prime area of trafficking, drug dealing and everything else. :(
But on January 1, that area was dealt a spiritual hit, with the prayers and tears, going up to God as a memorial. I believe God is moving mightily in Trinidad, already.

I learned of a praise report in a local non profit organization who fights sex trafficking in Nepali borders. They reported in December that at the Nepal/India border they rescued a 16 year old girl from a trafficker. The trafficker was put in jail, and the girl was sent to a restoration home. Through the standard protocols of entering the restoration home, the young lady discovered she was pregnant. She is keeping the baby. Two other young women were rescued this past week in the same border area. Both were found to be pregnant, and apparently one is leaning toward having an abortion. Their traffickers are still at large. Please pray for these young women and their babies. May God who is the God of all comfort, give them peace, comfort and grace to bear all things and make the best choices for their future.

Please intercede on behalf of the young boys, girls, men and women who are held in bondage in this 21st century. Christ has come to set the captives free. What is your part in this rescue, as you are the hands and feet of Christ?? Pray that this is revealed to you.

Because every child matters!


Stay in Prayer

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Due to the lack of internet last week and leaving my phone charger in Trinidad, I could not update the blog till now! There are many many things to share about Philip’s experience during his first mission trip to Trinidad. One of the most profound, I feel, was the opportunity to share his testimony over the radio. At the last minute, another opportunity opened up to share on a secular radio station that same evening.

We first went to 98.1, a Christian station, where I shared in brief his testimony. The interviewers were ‘overwhelmed’ with the fact that medical opinions were to abort this baby, yet we took a stand to carry the pregnancy to term. Philip shared with them that his goal in life was to go and tell the world about Jesus. He wants to be a missionary, like his dad. :) Then he started quoting Mark 16:15 and saying this was in obedience to Jesus’ command. You should have seen the looks on our faces. Stan, Alvin, Pastor Libin were all with mouths open. We did not ‘prep’ Philip with any words. Praise God for the answer to prayer, “God will put His words in my mouth.” Philip then sang the song, ‘He knows my name.”

One of the interviewers is legally blind, and he began crying during the song. It was just a beautiful time of reflection on God, and on His power. Our God is faithful.

Though 2010 was a very difficult and painful year for us as a family, I have to praise God for his faithfulness. Alvin’s reminder and encouragement during the radio interview to the people for the year 2011 was to ‘Stay in prayer.’ I know in looking back to last year, prayer was our only solace and comfort. Prayer is when burdens change shoulders.

I encourage you also to keep your eyes on Jesus, and stay in prayer. Prayer changes things!!

God bless,