He knows my Name

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 27-12-2010

Philip has been singing the song, “He knows my name.” If you don’t know the words:

I have a Father
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in His hands

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call

Hearing Philip sing the song reminded me of events surrounding his own heart before he was even born. I was thinking about my classmates in nursing school advising me of new in-vitro surgery that could be performed on a baby’s heart, even before the baby is born. I remembered talking to the cardiologist who told us there were so many holes in Philip’s heart, he couldn’t even count them. I remembered crying because of the heart medicine I was giving him after he was born. I thought of one of those routine visits with the cardiologist where the chest x-ray demonstrated his heart size returning to normal. And the doctor telling us, “whatever you all are doing, keep on doing it, because it’s working!” I remembered laying my hand over Philip’s heart and just praying for healing of all the holes in his heart.

Our Father, the one who formed Philip’s heart, had called him even before time began.

And the same is true for each of us. God knows our name, our thoughts, sees our tears, and hears our cries.
May God help us and encourage us through His word and songs.

Love you all!


A God moment?

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 09-12-2010

In the preparations for the Trinidad mission trip, members of our church have met for prayer and intercession. Last Tuesday as Sam, Sheaba, Philip and myself were gathered for prayer, we somehow got on the topic of ‘choose life’ and the recent bible study we had with Pastor Michael. The study topic was “Dealing with Sin.” We talked about death and life. In speaking about life, our reference was from Romans 6. I did not have my notes with me, and just shared ‘obedience’ as the starting place for choosing life, because that was the only point I could remember at the time of the prayer. Then I mentioned what I thought could follow obedience and that was righteousness and holiness. Suddenly, while the three of us are trying to think of the correct order of the points, Philip pipes up and says so ” obedience unto righteousness and righteousness unto holiness and holiness unto life, right?” You should have seen our faces with mouths wide open.

To this day, I do not know how Philip knew the correct order and the key word “unto” which I did not even mention during the prayer! He was not at the Bible study when Pastor Michael was here. I believe it was definitely a “God moment” and we were being reminded through the mouth of this child.

This is actually what Philip has studied and prayed for. He memorized several of the first few verses of Jeremiah chapter 1, where the Lord calls Jeremiah into ministry and tells him “I will put my words in your mouth.” I believe the Lord has started His work.

Today I asked Philip how he knew those four points of “Life.” And his response was “God told me.”

I believe him.

God bless you and may He strengthen you to do his mighty will!