the last week of October

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To say this week started out as one of the most painful, heart wrenching, and sorry weeks of my life, is an understatement. My birthday was Oct 29, and normally I look forward to birthdays. But this week, I just could not think about Friday, October 29. I had too many other things clouding my mind, and keeping me from moving forward.

I decided to take the time from my lunch breaks and during the day to fast and pray. I also spent more time than usual reading the Word. I really felt that God was reminding me that Psalm “Who shall ascend to His holy HILL? the one will clean hands, and pure heart” I know that I had reacted in wrong ways and did not have clean hands or a pure heart. I began to ask God for forgiveness.

In this life we live, there is more to life than what meets the eye. There is a spirit realm that we cannot see. If we do not live and walk in the Word, then we will not be able to defend ourselves. We must constantly be aware of the enemy who always seeks to devour us. Wearing the full armor of God, and realizing that God has already given us the victory, we will crush the head of the enemy. Greater is he who is in us, than he that is in the world.
And yet it is hard when in the physical, you know what you see. But I was reminded that if we know who we are in Christ, then we will believe His promise, even though we see something else occuring in the natural. IF we ask God for wisdom, He will surely grant it, but only if we believe, not doubt as we ask. So the radio minister was sharing think of a situation that you cannot see any visible solution. Second remind yourself of who God is, remembering that He is greater, stronger and higher than any other. He is Sovereign God. Nothing comes as a surprise to Him. Third, turn over that difficult problem to his hand. Pray over it, and ask God for wisdom to know how to move forward. Pray that you will do whatever the Lord tells you to do regarding that problem situation. We know that God will work through you.

God bless!


O Happy Day

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We had the opportunity last weekend to take our family visiting us from India out to Gatlinburg, a tourist attraction that is close to home. To view the attractions on the streets of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, you basically park your car, and walk to your destinations. It can be very tiring, but also very rewarding from a shopping standpoint.

So towards the end of the outing as we were preparing to return home,we began the long walk back to the parking garage. As we are all walking on the streets, Philip is singing joyfully “O happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away..!!” And he kept repeating that one line over and over. He was singing so loudly and innocently. I could not help but smile. I saw many people do a double take as they passed him by and heard his song.

That’s real evangelization, I believe. Say it as it is, no questions. And say it joyfully, even though you are not ‘normal looking’ but your message and behavior says you are happy in spite of it all.

I wish I had his courage. I would be happy to leave tracts in the bathrooms and rest areas. That would be the extent of my evangelization when I was his age and even today. I pray that my passion would shift to rescue and restore and offer salvation of Jesus to as many lives as I could while we have the time on this earth.

Because every child matters!


The power of prayer

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You may remember that Philip has one younger sister by the name of Sara. When we were expecting her seven years ago, it was our prayer that we would have a girl, and she would be a help and a champion for Philip. We were so concerned about the reaction of the world to Philip and his appearance, and for that reason we prayed for a sibling who would stand with and support him.

Sara has been just that to Philip. Of course they still get into their occasional spats and the ‘he said, she said’ arguments. But I’ve seen her get in between Philip and children twice her size who are making fun of Philip. Once we were taking family pictures in a studio, and I believe she was four years old. Other kids waiting to take pictures stared and laughed at Philip. She was so upset, yet she asked Philip if she could go and ‘hurt that boy.’ :) That’s my girl!!!

I guess what I never expected is that Sara would take that ‘prayer’ over her life, and let it go outside of Philip. Last year in first grade, there was another classmate with her who had Down’s syndrome. Though she was in the classroom, this little girl would not listen to the teacher always, and may have sometimes been disruptive. Apparently, Sara would encourage her to get on the right path. She would come and hug her or pat her on the shoulder to love on her even though this little girl did not understand or know to respond back to Sara’s kindness. I never knew she was doing this until last Saturday. The mother of that little girl came to us and asked if Sara would give her a hug. Sara was shy with the mom, but she did. Mom went on to tell us what Sara had done last year for her daughter. She had been so encouraged, because so many others could not look past her daugher’s differences.

Tears just came to my eyes. My little seven year old already has a testimony. What power there is in prayer! How faithful my God is to me! Just as the Word says, He knows our thoughts afar off. Many things may not go the way I want them to, but I know that He hears every prayer. He knows. And He is in control.
Be strengthened,