Another one of Philip’s questions

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“What is it like to have two eyes,” he asked recently during a haircutting session.

Well, what is my world like since I have two eyes?  Did I even know a difference?

My little son did.  His innocent question broke my heart.  How many things I take for granted that he just wonders “what it’s like.”  I had to ask myself, how many things do I miss because I have two eyes.  How many things do I look over because I have two eyes.  I wish I could say that I see everything because of my two eyes, but I do not.  A lot of times, we don’t have to have the eyes to see that someone hurts or is confused or sad.  We make the choice whether we want to see or not.

I’ve seen Philip talk to strangers and ask them what is wrong, just because he notices they appear stressed or hurt.  This happens while I, who have two eyes, would look past them and not stop to ask them anything.

I guess life with two eyes is not much different than having one eye.  It all matters on if you choose to see. Whether it is giving clothing, feeding the hungry, or  loving the unloved, whatever  we do for the least of these, we do for Christ.

Because every child matters!



Spine doctor’s visit

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Dear friends

I thank you all so much for your prayers on behalf of Philip.  He visited the spine surgeon last week for follow up x-rays.  The doctor measured the curve of his spine as 92 degrees.  His curve at the last measurement earlier this year was at 90 degrees.  He said to give or take two degrees due to measurement error.  Basically, the curve is ‘holding.’   He does not oppose the herbal and ayurverdic treatments.  However, he also does not discount spinal surgery in Philip’s future.  He said, ‘we are postponing the inevitable.’

My only concern is that with Philip’s recent bronchitis and pneumonia, is the progressive curve hurting him or making him more prone to other problems with his breathing or heart function?  The surgeon said it was difficult to determine that at this current time.  Perhaps with surgery, some things may even be reversible. 

I’m not really sure what to think.  All I could hear was ‘postponing the inevitable.’   I just cannot believe that Philip will have spinal surgery.  I still believe that if our God could create a stomach where there was no stomach, and heal the holes of Philip’s heart, then the Lord will heal his back without any surgical intervention.  The things that are impossible with men (because our doctor did say it would be impossible for his back to ever be straight even with surgery), are possible with our God.  I heard it over and over in Guatemala.  And I saw God work the impossible in Guatemala.   This weekend I was reminded of how great, and how much bigger my God is than my problem.  A day is coming, friends, when scoliosis will bow at Jesus’ feet.  I believe it will be soon.  God is moving!

God bless you all,



sick at the start of the school year

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Well, I think it was inevitable that sooner or later the kids would be coming down with some kind of cold since they just started back to school.  It happens every year.  This year, however, Philip had a cough for about 3 weeks.  We took him to the doctor last week and he was diagnosed with bronchitis.  He seemed to improve with the antibiotic, then the day after he completed the antibiotic, he began coughing again.  His cough was worse, and this time he also had a fever. 

We took him back to the doctor the other day, and they believe he has pneumonia.  Different medication was prescribed.  Philip has missed a few days of school as well.  Santhosh has also returned from India, with a high fever.  He was taken to the doctor, and was diagnosed with the flu.  The doctor was amazed that even before the official flu season began, he was diagnosed.  Well, the desire to be first in everything can sometimes go too far.  :)

So I am home this long weekend, destined to get everyone back on the road to recovery.  I love being home with my family.  I think that they may get tired of me.  After I ragged Philip for only drinking one jug of water today, he asked if I was going to work tomorrow.  :)   Yes, I feel the love.   My sweet babies.  I cannot bear to see them sick.  

Thank you so much for your prayers on their behalf.  We want them well so that I can get more of the LWR updates.  God is faithful.  God bless you all!