I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see

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Walking by faith, and not by sight is a verse that’s been on my mind for the past few weeks.  A lot of you have come and asked me how Philip is doing in tolerating his treatments.  Is he any better?  Is there any improvement in the curve in his back?

I hear those questions a lot.  I tell people that what we have been told is the treatment takes time.  The results also take time.  No, we have not seen any obvious changes to his back.  The previous x-rays did not show any obvious change in the degree of curvature, either. 

However, even when I cannot see the results, I am placing my faith in the One who helps me down this broken road that leads me to His will.  May His word be a lamp to your feet and a light on your path.


God bless!


More Updates on Philip

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Well, Philip has completed all of his spinal treatment for this summer.  Soon he will be on the way home, IF he can get away from the media!! :)

Philip and Santhosh interviewed with the Malayalam Manorama yesterday regarding his testimony and Love Without Reason.  However, the reporter failed to mention LWR, or the miraculous healing by God that took place to give Philip life.  Not the most informative or accurate article; however, it was not written by a Christian reporter, either.

Next on the agenda was an interview with PowerVision, an evangelical television broadcasting company in India.  Basically, the testimony that Philip and Santhosh shared would be broadcast throughout India!  God works in amazing ways.   May those who need to know that where there is no hope, Our God is a God of hope.  For those who need to be strengthened, may they find the joy of the Lord as their strength. 

Truly, as was explained to us ten years ago through the example in John 9, “this child was born this way, so that the works of the Lord could be made manifest through him.”  We praise God for His faithfulness.  May God give each of us the strength to endure all that comes our way.   May God also watch over our children, and continue to pray for the safety and protection of the children as was mentioned in the WORLD CUP blog.

Because every child matters



World Cup

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A seemingly benign athletic event has evil written  around its hosting city with predator eyes.  All I am talking about is World Cup in South Africa to begin this weekend and go on until mid-July.  Why is it such a big deal?

You can read some of the stories, one in particular from TIMES magazine, showing the increase in demand of sex trafficking during similar large sporting events.  According to one pimp in the article, (paraphrased) “I’m looking forward to making more money during World Cup.”  (by using innocent children and young people for perhaps fifty dollars or less, all of which goes straight to the pimp).  They may be assaulted twenty to thirty times a day.   Read the article . http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1952335,00.html

Maybe this will make you cry.  I hope you will.  I hope the news causes you to intercede on behalf of our future generation.

Please stand in the gap for South Africa.  Like Shared Hope’s Linda Smith says, ” If there were no demand, there would be no supply.”  Pray for rescue and restoration of the young lives.  There needs to be a Holy Spirit revolution in that place.  Let it begin with our prayer.

Because every child matters!