I wish you could hear Philip now

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hello friends!

I sit here blogging tonight and watching Philip asleep at my side. It is so beautiful to hear him breathe so soundly. I can’t help but weep and remember this time last year, the struggle to see Philip and hear him try to sleep soundly at night. We had to strap the CPAP onto his face to help him during the times he stopped breathing while sleeping. Oh, our God is so good!

I was talking to one of my friends who has a massive amount of faith. I complained to her, that I hated to see Philip struggle at night with his breathing. I also asked her to pray for him and for me! I know God has called Philip to evangelize and speak to nations, but he will NOT carry a machine to help him breathe when he travels the nations. My friend agreed with me in prayer and I just again thank God for his healing hand.

Thank you all so much for your prayers on his behalf. Next week we will be meeting with the spine surgeon for follow up x-rays. I want to see a complete deliverance for Philip regarding his scoliosis in 2010. I know it is God’s grace that his health has not yet been affected by the curve in his back. In my humanness I am worried that other organs in his body may be affected by the curve.

I’m also reminded that the God who gave hope where there was “no hope”; and the God who created a stomach, where there was no stomach is the God who still carries Philip in His hand. He is mighty to save!
God bless!


Stories from The Wall

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After Philip’s birthday celebration last July, I began to think about the events leading up to his life and birth in 2000. God impressed on my heart, that I had not shared my story of hope with the pro-life group, Choices (formerly known as AAA women’s services). I made an appointment to talk and share my story with one of the advocates at Choices. At the time, I had wanted to volunteer my services, however, due to my loss of a job, I knew that I would not be able to hold those particular demands, yet.

I enjoyed meeting with Molly and touring the facility. There are many avenues were a church or group of people may be involved and I left it at that until I could find and get settled in a new job. During the Sanctity of Life week in January, I received more information from Stephanie at Choices. She had happened to visit the LWR site and read Philip’s testimony. She shared it with her co workers at the other Choices office and asked to speak to me in person.
I have never been to the National Memorial for the Unborn, but yesterday she gave me a tour of the facility and the attached memorial. Moms and Dads have plaques fitted on the wall. You can read some of their stories, and definitely sense the grief and sorrow in their hearts. “I’ll hold you in heaven”; “I’m so sorry”; “I wish I could go back.” The teddy bears and notes scattered across the memorial grieved me. This is a national memorial, and there are plaques from parents all over the world. Though their hearts are broken, yet they have been told of the hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Stephanie gave me a book called “Empty Arms” by Wendy Williams and Ann Caldwell. I have not finished it yet, but I will keep you posted on the stories from the wall.

Pray for our children. Pray for the work of those who actively work to protect the lives of our innocent children.

Because every child matters!


Superbowl 2010

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What everyone really will be watching on Superbowl Sunday, is the Tim Tebow commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family! The ad has drawn a lot of concern and anger from the pro-choice and gay and lesbian groups, since CBS has decided to air the commercial, and reject a commercial featuring a gay men’s dating service. The National Organization of Women’s new vice president, Erin Matson, said the ad is “hate masquerading as love.” Planned Parenthood released an ad where Al Joyner and former NFL player, Sean James, say that “my mom showed me that women are strong and wise… she taught me only women can make the best decisions about their health and future…” Carefully avoided is the word “abortion.”

So, pro choice women’s groups, what do you think of the godaddy ads? I hate them. I hate having to sit there with my youth group or parents and turn my eyes away in embarrassment. I hate the way the alcohol advertising commercials portray women as dumb and “waiting to be picked up.” Why can’t the women’s groups complain about these important issues? Tim Tebow wants to advocate family and life. This is what a superbowl gathering usually is… a time of fellowship with family and a time to enjoy life. It shouldn’t be a time where the TV has to be turned off for tightly clad form fitted females in “i’m-a-simple-female-and-do-not-know-anything” type of commercials, or turned off for…need I say more than “wardrobe malfunction?”

Get with the program, women. Do everything to promote life and protection of your family! Don’t get caught up with the media and hoopla of “It’s my right to kill the unborn if I want to!”

No, it is past time to fight like a girl!