Philip’s First (known) Convert

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Two Wednesday’s back as we were driving back from church, I overheard a conversation between Philip and his six year old sister, Sara. He questioned her about her own salvation. The conversation went something like this:

P: Sara, did you ask Jesus into your heart?
S: Yeah, yeah…I know what that means.
P: Sara, you have to repeat what I say.
S: Ok, you have to repeat what I say.
P: Sara! I’m serious. Pray like this, Jesus…
S: Jesus…
P: Please come into my heart.
S: Please come into my heart.
P: I want you to live in my heart forever.
S: I want you to live in my heart forever.
P: And never ever leave my heart.
S: And never ever leave my heart.
P: In Jesus’s name..amen
S: In Jesus’s name..amen.

Well, I couldn’t believe what I heard. This is the first time I’ve heard him share salvation with anyone. I had shared Philip’s evangelization with one of his uncles and his response was, “Well, Philip needs to get his own household saved, then he will begin throughout the world.” I pray so. Philip has tried to speak to one of his classmates about Jesus but that child, according to Philip, wanted to believe in his own “false god.”

I have heard of young children getting up on the pulpits in other countries and sharing the Gospel with the people. God is moving in the hearts of these young ones. Pray for them. Out of their mouths the Lord has perfected praise and ordained strength. I believe it is also one of the signs that in the last days, the young ones will prophesy. May the Lord speak to your young people. And may God help each of us to do our part also in these last days to fulfill God’s ultimate plan.

God bless you!


Philip’s Question

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Philip returned to school this week.  He still does have some swelling around his eye lid and the stitches have not dissolved yet.  There are a few stitches around the ear implant as well.  However, he has tolerated this first week back to school.  He is extremely concerned that he will have to learn all the letters “in cursive”  and he is now behind.   :)   How lovely to be in third grade again! 

Philip is becoming more and more introspective.  His questions are straightforward yet deep. Philip and Santhosh and myself were talking just after we had cleansed Philip’s eye and put on the antibiotic ointment.  It is not usually a painful cleaning, but this time he hurt a little.  He asked us, “If there is nothing too hard for the Lord, then why do I have to have surgery?”

Well, I was pretty stunned, and could not respond.  Santhosh told him that there are some things that are impossible for humans to do.  The Bible tells us the things that are impossible with men, are possible with God.  This is our hope and our peace.  When the doctors told us that “there is no hope your baby will be born alive” we knew that there is nothing too hard for our God.  Now when our spine doctor says there is no way Philip’s back can be straightened even with surgery, we know that the things that are impossible with men are possible with our God.

I pray that you also know and find strength that the things that seem impossible to you are possible with God.



God still moves!

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God still moves, God still moves

In the heart of His people, God still moves!

He does not sleep, nor does he slumber

God still moves, God still moves.


Philip has recovered well over the past week from the eye and ear surgery.  He will be meeting up with the surgeon this week to remove stitches and to find out what further steps to undertake to help in the healing.  I’m not sure when he will return to school, but he hopes to go back soon.  He worried that his friends “might not like my eye.”  Thank you again for your prayers on his behalf.  God answers prayer. 

God moves in the heart of His people.  We do not always understand what is going on.  We do not know why things are happening, but one thing we do know.  God is on the throne.  God is in control. God STILL moves.  He will move in our lives, as we call on His name.  He will move.  Pray and pray on, dear readers. 

God still moves!