Philip and his ancestors

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I thought you all might laugh at this event that happened a few weeks back.  Philip and I work very diligently on homework once I return home from work.  Every week he receives 5-7 new vocabulary words that he must know and understand the definition and be able to use it in a sentence.   The teachers correlate the lessons with the vocabulary, I guess, to help the kids understand and prepare for their tests.

So they were studying in science the early Earth and fossils and dinosaur era.  Apparently there was discussion about the “early ancestors”  of the elephants, who were the wooly mammoths.  The vocabulary word was ancestor.  I thought that he understood the definition .  This was verified during the family prayer that evening when Philip prayed for each grandparent and “bless all my ancestors.”  No one could keep a straight face during the prayer.  Of course, Philip’s innocent response with innocent eyes is, “What?”

It was so funny to hear, but in one way,  I had to be glad because he did do well on that vocabulary test ! :)

God bless you!


O Holy Night

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My favorite Christmas song of all time is O Holy Night.  One of the verses talks about the mission that Christ had in coming to earth. 

      “Chains shall He break, for the slave is our brother; and in His name,   all  oppression shall cease.”

I shared this during our Sunday School Anniversary/Christmas program, how we may as the churched or unchurched population  be enslaved to things.  Whether its food, pornography, alcohol,  or our selfishness, we can be under bondage to these things.  Christ has come not that we be oppressed, but be free.  If Christ sets us free, we are free indeed, according to the Word.  You can read from the prophecy in Isaiah 61, Christ has come to bind up the brokenhearted (can i get a witness in here?), release  the captive, comfort the ones who mourn.

I could not help but think of my LWR babies who also are under bondage through sexual slavery.  Everyone of them needs to know that Christ loves them and died for them, and has come to set the captive free.  So many times they are psychologically tormented to believe that no one can release them and no one will accept them if they run away from the stronghold of the pimp.  Please commit to praying for these dear children and young people.  They can be set free, physically and spiritually.  Pray for the part that LWR will play also in these things.  God has promised he will teach and instruct us in LWR’s part to rescue and restore lives out of oppression into freedom.


My enemy

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Micah 7:8 -Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.

I heard an encouraging message yesterday that I feel correlates with the blog on “pray and pray on.”  The message title I suppose you could say was “My time is coming!”  I will give you an example and one point from the message here.

Like I have blogged before, in our eyes, the recent trip to India was painful in that the craniofacial surgeries which should have taken place, did not.  And in effect certain things did not happen in the way we had hoped or prayed for.  I asked myself several times, “Why?”  This was a step of faith the Lord I believe urged us to move in, and why weren’t there appropriate results at least in regards to helping LWR move forward?

There are some answers we just do not have or know right now.  But I believe we must trust God even through this “dark time.”

Because even though we do sit in darkness, the Lord is our light.  And even though we are fallen (because we all have and continue to fall), we will arise.

So friends, I urge you to pray and pray on…  Your time is coming!

God bless and love you much,