President Obama

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Well, we did get to share Philip’s testimony in Washington, DC,  but not necessarily to President Obama…at least not yet!!  One day, I’m sure God will open that door.

At our cousin’s church in DC, I had a few moments to briefly share Philip’s testimony.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get tired of sharing this miracle.  But I never yet have.  I believe that in sharing the miracle of Philip’s birth, his heart healing, his brain functioning, his knowledge of who God is, all just strengthens me when I hit another obstacle concerning his health. 

I shared with the believers that my God who yesterday gave a child life, when we were told there was “no hope”  he would live at birth,  could call the bones together of his spine and make his back with the normal curves.  I HATE to put that scoliosis brace on Philip.  I hate to see him suffer and try to play with that thing on him.  Seeing him do all that without complaining reminds me of the innocence of children, and how desperately we should protect it.

However, I also know that in my heart I see a plan for Philip’s spine healing.  My God has a plan to heal Philip’s back, and it may be through these uncomfortable measures.  So I do surrender my will to His perfect will, and may the name of the Lord be glorified.

I shared with Sister Leena after the meeting, even more of the miracles in Philip’s life that I did not mention during the service.  Specifically, the fact that he had to wear a CPAP after his surgery last August since he needed help with his breathing.  Now he does not wear it at all.  As I repeated these miracles to these “strangers”  now friends, my faith again was renewed; my strength again was renewed;  knowing that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

God bless you!!




Deals with Weddings

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Ok, so I’ve been reprimanded for falling behind on my blogs.  I’m so sorry!  I guess in one way it’s good, because somebody out there DOES like what I write!  On the other hand, I have to be accountable, don’t I?
Well a lot has happened these past few weeks, and I’ve wanted to share with you, but just haven’t had the time to do so.  First off, I have to congratulate two dear new couples:  Don and Siby and Mercy and Jerry.  Don is my cousin who lives in NYC. We as a family attended their wedding last Saturday.  On the way, we had a flat tire and ended up delaying our trip for about 4 hours.  We ended up driving all night Friday to reach NY at 7am on Saturday morning.  We were on time for the 10am outdoor wedding at the Surf Club.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I got a tan, too!!
Mercy is my little baby that I’ve known all her life!  Her husband, Jerry, was waiting for his visa to come through in time for their wedding on 8/8/09, while he was waiting in Bahrain.  For whatever reason, even up until 8/2/09, Jerry did not have his visa in hand, and was still stuck in Bahrain.  Mercy and her father both testified in church that Sunday again indicating their faith in God that the Lord would work as He had carried them this far.  Mercy’s prayer was “The God who made an unbelievable way for me to get into pharmacy school, will make the way for our wedding to occur next Saturday and I’m inviting you all to our wedding.”  We all gave her our support.  Santhosh shared with her what the Lord laid on his heart from Matthew 25.  You know the story of the ten virgins who were waiting with their lamps for the bridegroom.  Five were wise and had everything ready and prepared for the bridegroom.  Five were foolish and were not prepared for the bridegrooms return.  While they hurried to be prepared, the bridegroom came, in the midnight hour, and the wise virgins who were ready went with Him.  I was so saddened when the email went out on Wednesday morning that the wedding would have to be postponed, because Jerry still did not have his visa.  I thought of that passage in IIChronicles, when King Jehosaphat prayed for the Lord to intervene as 3 other countries were out to attack the Israelites.  Because of the victory that King Jehoshaphat incurred, the heathen countries around knew of God and the mighty work He did.  This was our prayer, that the world would know indeed that our God lives, because it would take a miracle for the wedding to remain on Saturday.  And exactly late in the midnight hour, Jerry got his visa , and landed in Chattanooga Friday night.  We serve a faithful God.  What a mighty God we serve.
I had the opportunity to share Philip’s testimony on Sunday morning at our cousin’s church in Washington, DC.  I’ll tell you more about it next time.
God bless each of you!