No More Cliffhangers :D

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Have you realized it’s been one year since the blog began?  It’s amazing how time flies.  It is good to revisit the past in some instances, anyway.  I guess I encourage myself in God with the blogs.  After Philip’s surgery in April, I went back over the August blogs when we had almost lost Philip after the August surgery.  In spite of everything, God is good all the time. I believe you have to go back and remember the place where you were, the lowest points of life, before God picked you up out of it and put you on a strong road.  Let that encourage you in knowing that He will do it again, He is with you, as He was in the past. 
Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of Philip.  After we saw the doctor 2 weeks ago, he advised us to put the CPAP back on Philip, as he is recovering from the revision of his nasopharyngeal flap.  We are also trying to keep the nasal passages clear/clean.  I believe he is steadily improving.  Like I said before, Philip will not go on the mission field or on his trip to India, depending on the CPAP  to help him breathe.  He needs the “breath of life” from God, and I know the Lord has heard our prayers.
He will be traveling to India for the treatment of his scoliosis in the beginning of June.  Please keep him in prayers.
Love you all and God bless!
Because every child matters,

April 30, 2009

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Guest Blog by Santhosh Mathews

Since I cannot contain my joy…. and I have to share it with the world… I am writing this to all of you from Erlanger hospital. I am right by Philip’s bed side and just soaking in God’s love.
Tonight (April 30) is one of the happiest nights of my life. Tonight in his hospital bed Philip accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior.
It happened in a wonderful way. After all the visitors had left his room, Philip turned over to me and asked me “Pappa, if I die will I be in heaven for ever and ever?” I was speechless for a moment and then I believe the Lord gave me words to tell him about what Jesus said about eternity. I told him that Jesus said that if we would accept him as our Lord and invite him into our heart, then he will come and live in our heart and we will be saved and after that even if we die, Jesus tells us that we will be with him and God the father for ever and ever in heaven.
Philip looked at me with his big round eye and asked what “saved” meant. So I explained to him as to why Jesus came into this world and died for our sins so that we are cleansed from our sins. and then Philip   closed his eye and prayed … “Jesus, I invite you to come into my heart so that I can live with you for ever and ever. Amen.” And that was it!!! What a beautiful and a simple way this innocent life was led to the Lord. Salvation truly is beautiful. Angels in heaven are rejoicing… Another name is added to the book of Life.
I am so happy tonight that he allowed this to happen. God is good that he allowed me to lead my son to the way of Salvation. I thank each one of you for praying for him. What the devil meant for evil… the Lord turned it around for good. For the past 9 months Philip was having breathing trouble and so we had to go back into surgery to help open up his airways so that he can breath properly. Last time he almost lost his life on the surgery table, but this time… the Lord allowed him to accept Jesus into his life as his personal Lord and Savior….
It is amazing how the Lord takes what the devil means for evil and turn it around for good. 
Philip’s surgery went well and he is doing great right now. He is recovering and also sleeping well without that CPAP (Breathing machine) attached to his face. Please continue to pray for full recovery.

God bless you