Jamaica me crazy!!

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 30-12-2008

Hello everyone!  Hope you are all doing well.  I’m coming back from a week’s vacation from work!!  I had an awesome time being with the children and spending time with them.  I also enjoyed seeing my own husband, too!  We have wanted to go on a cruise for many years, but something would always hinder us from going on one.  This Christmas we went to the Caribbean, with stops in Grand Cayman and Jamaica.  I really wanted to go to Jamaica just to kind of scope out the area.  If you have not seen the “Demand” video on Shared Hope International’s website, you should.  You will be shocked to see what kind of trafficking goes on in Jamaica.

I tried to keep my eyes open for anything suspicious (a regular Nancy Drew).  I don’t think we were  in the common areas or in the right locations at the right time.  We stopped in one hotel, I saw a white male tourist surfing the internet by the pool and thought he could be a suspect.  Then his wife came out of the pool and sat with him.  Anyways, I think this is one area we need to have training.  We need to be aware of certain individuals, but need to learn to identify the commonalities among the criminals.  Pray that we do learn this and will even be able to work with our law enforcement in education and awareness.

We passed out a few LWR brochures throughout Jamaica’s hotels, phone booths, and panhandlers .   Pray that the right souls find that brochure and that we can provide help and restoration to these young lives trapped in the modern day slavery.

We did make some time for fun as well.  I have to give a shout out to my friends Cessel and Anthony, Dwi, Ajay and Remy!!  Miss you guys a lot!

I have a terrific picture of me cruising down the Jamaican bobsled.  It was such a blast.  You control the acceleration and brakes on your own bobsled.  So on the first downslope, I cranked the accelerator forward and screamed my lungs out.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the hidden camera that took that open-mouthed shot!  The guy who sold us the picture could not stop laughing at my picture.  He wanted to know where I was from. I told him New York..haha.

Talk to you all later this week.  God bless as you move forward in the New Year!!  Susan


Good in Hollywood

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My daughter Sara has discovered the movie, “Prince of Egypt.”  She now loves the story of Moses, and Philip enjoys singing all the songs in the movie.  I’ve now seen the movie 2 or 3 times.  I love the opening song, “Deliver us.”  It’s a powerful song.  Well, I was sitting there with the kids watching the movie and just thought about the oppressor of the Israelites, that is Egypt.  Egypt had enslaved and oppressed the Israelites.  The king of Egypt wanted to ensure that an army would not be raised by the growing generation of Israeli young men.  Therefore, he ordered all baby boys to be killed.  Moses, the Israelite who should have been killed with the other babies, was rescued by the royal family of Egypt, and raised in the King of Egypt’s palace.  He does not know his true origin.  After he learns he is not an Egyptian, other slaves mock him and ask why has he come to “deliver” the Israelites to the promised land and how could he not have known that his own people were slaves.  In the movie, Moses responds, “I did not see, because I did not wish to see.”

It was an eye-opening movie, especially as I tried to put in perspective with the crime of human trafficking.  I thought of the testimony of fifteen year old Elizabeth (from the International Justice Mission).  She was sold to a brothel by her aunt.  After months of torture, rape, neglect, she was rescued by the workers of IJM.  You and I both could walk away from her story and say I do not want to see or believe this, so I’ll close my eyes to it.  Friend, is that what you want to do?  I some nights cannot sleep, because I hear that cry of the children “Deliver us!”   I pray that you will also hear and answer that call.  Please pray for us as we desire to raise the awareness of sex trafficking, to deliver and restore the lives of these victims. 

God bless each of you.  Have a blessed holiday,