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Years ago the young women of our church had the desire to gather together separately from church or family time and just fellowship and build the “sisterhood.”  The gathering birthed the name, “Scribblers.”  One young woman was reading a book called Scribbling in the Sand.  Another had the idea of “Scribblers” to mean that before anyone learns to write decently and in an orderly fashion, initially they will scribble.  So as we were “scribbling” trying to learn what our purpose was in gathering in this fashion, our hope was that God would just take us and use our scribbles to turn into beautiful calligraphy. 

    I said all that to say, I’ve had the privilege of watching these young women grow from childhood(some from newborns), adolescence, college students, and young married wives and mothers.  (you’ve probably gathered that I’m old, I won’t deny it, they are still MY babies).  The Scribblers have done a variety of projects over the past few years.  One favorite fundraiser is the bake sale.  Unfortunately, last week’s bake sale was almost called off by the Chattanooga fire department (haha, but we won’t get into that).  After the bake sale, the Scribbs (for short) came together and gave me a card to read.  They had unanimously decided that the funds raised from the bake sale would go towards Love Without Reason.  (This was of course not mentioned to me before I slaved over banana bread and sausage balls!!)

    Anyways, I was so touched.  I reminded them that the Bible tells us that what we sow, we will most certainly reap.  Or in other words, what goes around comes around.  When we sow good things, we will surely reap them.  In the same way, they have sown into the ministry of LWR, and I know that they will reap benefits from it.    I told my lil sis Lovely I was so touched that they had even the desire to help my “other” children.  She kind of looked at me funny, and I said, “You know, my Love Without Reason kids.”  You are sowing into their lives, and you will surely reap a reward for it.  

Thank you so much for all your love, tears, prayers, financial gifts on behalf of Love Without Reason.  Be reminded again, for all that you have sown into this ministry, you will surely reap.  God bless you all! 



Love is not a fight, but it’s something worth fighting for

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You may have heard the preliminary reviews of the new movie “Fireproof.”  A theme song is Warren Barfield’s “Love is not a fight,” a beautifully written piece focusing on the triumphant love in marriage between a husband and wife.  This love is worth fighting for.  This is one of the websites to check:

It made me think about the love our Father has toward his church, and the love a parent has for a child.  I started to think about the worries I’ve dealt with these past few weeks with Philip.  Three years ago, I was so excited to “cross off” one of the doctor’s from Philip’s list.  We were released from our cardiologist, and will not have to follow up again with him.  But now since August 7th, we have added on a sleep specialist.  And not only added on this physician, but also a CPAP, a breathing machine that Philip must wear at night, so that he does not stop breathing.

So being a typical mother, one worry leads to another worry!!  I wondered if the curve in Philip’s spine would play a part in his breathing.  Would the CPAP hurt his lungs, since they obviously are somewhat repositioned because of the curve in his back?  And how will Philip go and preach to the nations, lugging a CPAP and hoping that there is an electrical outlet to plug it up?  Isn’t it enough that he has to wear a back brace?  Now a breathing machine, too?

All of these thoughts are out of love.  The love a parent has for a child.  I began to think how love is worth fighting for.  In this spiritual battlefield we call life; there is something worth fighting for.  I don’t mean just for Philip, but our children who are indentured, trapped in slavery; and for the children who are taunted or tormented for their disfiguring faces.  Oh, yes, love is worth fighting for.  Pray that you will join us, help us in this fight for freedom and for love.  It’s something worth fighting for.