Birthday Boy

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July 27th marked Philip’s eighth birthday. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was holding him in my arms (and he smiled at ME first, by the way!).

I thank those of you who called, sang, or wished him a happy birthday.

Philip wanted to go and eat pizza at Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. The Lord willing, he will be having surgery next week to ultimately help him with his speech. It will be similar to the pain of a tonsillectomy. He might have to follow a similar liquid/soft diet and be less active because the stitches will be delicate. So with his desire to eat pizza, we made his birthday party with his family at Chuck E. Cheese. Enjoy the pictures!

Continue to keep him in prayers. May God bless each of you!





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I firmly believe that God is “an on-time God.” He is never late, never early, always on time. You know those times when you’re just going through rough circumstances, then you “happen” to hear a song, or a message, or someone sends you an email with just the right words to give you strength to carry on. 

Yes, God is an on time God. Last Sunday during our preparation for praise and worship, our leader, Stanley Johnson, reminded us that God is not slack, or slow to keep his promises to us. This reminded me of the promise verse I received on January 1st, 2008.

From Psalms 32:8 “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

I remember thinking about the tremendous vision of Love Without Reason in December of 2007. This is so big, where do we even begin was my thought. It was at the year end meeting that I received Psalms 32:8 as my promise verse. As I was praying this week, again God gave me strength in reminding me of this verse. Though the task ahead seems so big, my God is bigger. Though I feel that I don’t know which way to turn or go, God reminds me that He will instruct and teach me, and not only that, but guide me with His eye. God is not slow to keep his promises to us. May God bless you and give you strength in the coming week!



Happy Anniversary

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July 17th  marked another year of married life.  It is so hard to believe that Santhosh and I have been married for eleven years.  I took a few minutes last week to think about the last eleven years of life.  Here are a few thoughts:

If someone had told me eleven years ago that I would be so passionate about children born with birth defects or children who were victims of trafficking, that I would form a non profit organization to rescue them,  I think I would’ve laughed.   “Who, me?”  My thought was to get married, raise a family, work as a nurse, go to church, take care of our parents and live happily ever after

Then came Philip.  He turned my “perfect” world upside down.  And I would do it all over again.  I get shaken sometimes when I think that there was a chance that he would never have been born alive.  God is so faithful, in spite of my lack of faith.

Though the years have been hard with struggles, worries about Philip’s care, he always had the most excellent health care.  Every child deserves refuge, hope, and love.  Not one child deserves to be reproached or discarded to live a life of shame.  I pray that Love Without Reason would bring the refuge, hope, and love that all children deserve.  Please pray that God would lead us in this endeavor!