Mumbai is mine

Filed Under (Blogs) by Susan on 24-06-2008

If you have noticed the mission of Love Without Reason, you know that our heart is directed toward helping and restoring the lives of victims of sex trafficking and children with craniofacial birth defects.  A few weeks ago, we (as a family) had the opportunity to go back to India and visit with great-grandparents, and also meet with and network with people with a passion similar to Love Without Reason.  I will give you those updates in a future entry.

Today, I just wanted to share what happened on the plane ride as we landed in Mumbai (Bombay) en route to our grandparent’s home in Kottayam.  I heard the pilot announce that we would be landing shortly in Mumbai airport.  It was very early morning and I was amazed at the way Mumbai was all “lit” up.  That was just a beautiful view looking down from the dark sky.  I don’t know why, but the thought hit me at that time of what kind of evil goes on in this particular city, specifically I mean sex trafficking of the children.  Former Congresswoman Linda Smith shares her personal testimony of her experience on the infamous Falkland Road in Mumbai and the resulting nonprofit organization, Shared Hope International ( 

I just began to cry and pray in the Spirit for the children who at that very moment may be tormented, disheartened, and depressed.  “God let someone give them hope right now and don’t let any one feel there is no hope.”  I remember praying that.  I decided then that Mumbai is mine.

I heard a message this weekend where the pastor encouraged and commanded us to “stand in the evil day” (Ephesians 6:13).  THIS IS THE EVIL DAY!  When children are betrayed or deceived and lose their innocence to become slaves to people who cheat, threaten, drug, and use their bodies and discard them like trash.  Oh, may God help us in this evil day!!  Though I’ve used the phrase “Mumbai is mine” for some time, part of me asks the question “What am I thinking?”  Do I know what I’m up against?

Pastor Mark gave an example of standing in the evil day, from John 18:2-4.  Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane saw the soldiers coming with their lanterns, torches and weapons.  He does not wait for them to introduce themselves!  He goes forth and asks them “who are you looking for?”   That is standing in the evil day.  No matter what evil is against us, if I have submitted my will to God, I will stand in the evil day.  And Mumbai is mine!

I urge you to commit to interceding daily for the children of Mumbai.  God bless!


Philip’s Faith

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Our church, Chattanooga Christian Assembly, hosted former Bollywood singer/songwriter Mr. Vijay Benedict and his family for a concert and a time of sharing their testimony of accepting Christ as their Savior.  The concert was awesome and the testimony very touching.  Later that evening Mr. Benedict and family gathered for dinner at my parent’s house. Mrs. Benedict saw the “before” pictures of Philip that my parents had placed on the dining room table and drew Philip to her.  She told Philip that he should pray every day that God would heal him and make his face symmetrical so that both sides of his face look the same.  He was patient and listened to all that the dear sister said.  Then Philip responded and shook his head emphatically, “I do pray that God would heal me, but sometimes God tells me I have to wait.”  I wept as I heard his response.  What faith the child has, and what faith does his mother have?

I know and believe that a day is coming where Philip will not run into any one or anything due to the lack of vision on the right side of his face.  I know and believe a day is coming where I will not have to see him cock his head so that his one ear is turned to hear someone talking to him.  What about his curved spine?  I know that God could just say the word and his spine would be straight!  I have been praying for this and what’s taking so long?  It’s so hard to wait!! 

And that evening I believe God was also reminding me, every prayer has been heard, every tear has been seen, but I have to wait.  Wait on the Lord’s time.

 I don’t believe in coincidences. On a following Sunday we read from Psalms 27, which concludes like this, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

We will be meeting with our spine surgeon this week to determine the next step for Philip.  Keep us in prayer.  We will wait on the Lord and I believe the Lord will give us the grace and strength to carry on to fulfill his purpose and bring glory to His name.  God bless you!